Joe comes from a family of world class musicians and has grown up immersed in the passion of musical performance.

Initially, being exposed to classical music as a young boy, Joe fast developed his interest in saxophone and Jazz. Together with his band at school, he won the “Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Awards” at the tender age of sixteen.

This marked the beginning of his musical journey. Trained in performance by his mother, South African concert piano champion, Lucille Leader, Joe learned how to communicate emotions and feelings to an audience, creating an atmosphere so that people can live in the passion of each note, each phrase and each song, taking them on an emotional musical journey.

After school, Joe continued to develop his craft, studying privately with some of the finest teachers from the Guild Hall school of Music in London, and then at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Finally back in London, Joe completed his studies in Music Technology, receiving 1st class honors. Joe’s well rounded studies now gave him a solid grounding in music as well as in the intricacies of music recording and production.

Collectively Joe

As his professional experience grew, Joe worked with such great artists as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Pharrell Williams, Boyzone’s Stephen Gately and The Symphony Orchestra of India. He has also performed at prestigious festivals at the South Bank and in South Africa and France.

Joe’s vast travels and experience enabled him to set up and lead a 20-piece showband, called “The Joe Leader Collective.” This incredible showband launched at London’s Café de Paris to an enthralled audience.

The show included performances from international vocalists, instrumentalists, break-dancers, tango dancers and even a family performance with Joe on sax, his mum on Piano and sister Serena, on violin.

Joe’s powerful showband featured at many high profile charity and gala events across the country, playing an incredible variety of music.

Aikido Joe

Alongside his music, Joe has a lifelong passion for the martial arts. With 23 years experience in the Japanese art of Aikido, Joe has attained a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

They say that the sword of a Japanese Samurai warrior was an extension of his soul.

In the same way, the saxophone is an extension of Joe’s soul.

To be an artist, Joe believes that you have to live your art – “Be the art, as well as creating it.”

For him, this means combining the skills of his martial arts with his musical training. Joe trains his mind, body and spirit in order to focus his whole being on creating, recording and performing music from the heart.

Solo Joe

After some great times leading the show band, Joe decided to change direction and concentrate on his solo career as a recording artist, starting in the Smooth Jazz genre.

With the help of some great supporters, Joe put together a smaller 8-piece band and launched his solo career with a fabulous gig, entitled “Seductive Sax”, in June 2011. The gig was held at one of London’s top Jazz clubs in Chelsea – The Pheasantry.

Joe is now releasing the live recording of that magical night as his debut album, entitled “Seductive Sax.” His greatest wish is to continue to record and perform music which touches the hearts of his audience.